5 Vastu Tips to Consider Before Buying Your Dream Bungalow

Buying a bungalow, especially where you live, is a big decision that can change your life in a big way. How well a building adheres to the rules of Vastu determines how prosperous it will be. All that needs to be done is to build the building keeping Vastu in mind. Because Vastu is so important to how our lives and businesses turn out, it’s a good idea to do a Vastu analysis of a home or business site before buying it. By buying a house that conforms to the rules of Vastu, people protect themselves from misfortune and move forward in life, increasing their chances of success and material wealth. In this article, we will talk about 5 Vastu tips to consider before buying your dream bungalow.

North-East Direction

While buying, you should consider how your bungalow or house is facing northeast. After reading the points below, you will understand what ecology says about this aspect, and you can look for these things while buying a bungalow.

  •       Ishaan Kon, or the northeast direction, is important for any property.
  •       Since the good energy of the area starts on the road, it should always be kept nice, clean, and well-lit.
  • This cardinal direction is also called “Vastu Purusha,” which means “cosmic controller in Sanskrit.” The signs say that it is the “Brain of the House.”
  • This is the best way to set up a place for worship, prayer, or meditation.

If you don’t have a plan for moving the bathroom, kitchen, storage area, septic tank, or other low-energy activity from the northeast corner of the land, you shouldn’t buy a bungalow with these features already built in. If the northeast side of the property needs work and there’s no way to fix it, it’s not a good idea to buy it.

Placement of Kitchen

Everything that has to do with fire is done in the kitchen. For Vastu to work, the way a kitchen is set up or oriented is very important. Vastu was used to set up the kitchen, which has many other benefits in addition to helping the people who live there.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, you shouldn’t put anything that could start a fire in the south or southeast corner of a building. If you face your kitchen in this direction, the fire element linked to this compass direction will stay in balance.
  • The best direction for a kitchen, after the south, is the west. But if you want the space to work well, you need to get the Vastu balance right when you build a kitchen in the west direction.
  • When following a Vastu rule, pay attention to how the kitchen looks and how it is set up. Black, blue, and grey are bad choices for kitchen decor because they bring out the fire element.


The door is the main entrance to the bungalow. Just as the food we eat affects our growth and health, the energy that comes through the main gate affects the growth and health of the property. 

Choosing the most attractive front door for a bungalow would be best. Instead of making an educated guess, one should talk to a Vastu consultant who can tell if the directions for the entrance are good or not.

  • According to Vastu, it would not be right to say that all homes that face south are bad. People say buildings with gates facing south or southeast are very lucky.
  •       Homes that face east aren’t always good. Keep searching if the front entrance is on the southeast side of the home and faces east.


Low-energy designs should be used for bathrooms, trash cans, and closets with cleaning supplies. On the other hand, places like bedrooms, lockers, home offices, study areas, and so on should be put in directions that are good for energy. It is vitally crucial to preserve this equilibrium. If this is not considered, people living in bungalows can suffer, for example, if the bathroom or trash can is placed on the high energy side and the bedroom or home office is placed on the low energy side. A knowledgeable Vastu expert will look at these things and tell you what they think before telling you to buy a bungalow.

Proximity to Nature

Nature improves the mind, body, and soul. Many people have realised how important it is to care for their physical and mental health and grow in their careers. We must choose a location that lets the most natural energy into our building. Then and only then will we be able to see how friendly nature is.


  • Vastu says that light from the outside can come into a building from any direction. A room gives off a more positive energy when it has more windows, doors, and balconies that let in natural light.
  • Ventilation is another important problem that needs to be fixed. For the building to have enough cross ventilation, air must move freely in all directions.
  • Vastu says that balconies and terraces can be found on any side of a building. This fits the style well. Even though there is a lot of false information to the contrary, balconies are not illegal in the Southwest. No matter how it got there, having a little bit of nature inside a building is always nice.
  • Vastu Shastra values gardens, parks, and lakes as part of the natural environment.


So, that’s all about the Vastu considerations. It’s very important to follow all these to prevent any Vastu dosha which can lead to problems in your home.

Hope these tips helped and you’re all good with finding the right home for yourself. 

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